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The first Queens Birthday Regatta held at Hinton was in May 1882, as well as the usual sports held on Punt Road. The course on the river started at a flagship anchored off the Government Wharf at the bottom of Paterson Street. The boats would be rowed up the Paterson River then around a buoy [...]

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Coach Accident

A terrible accident occurred at Hinton Punt on a dark rainy night, the 2nd of May, 1892, involving Fry's Mail Coach. The coach left Dungog at 2.30pm for Maitland via Clarencetown and Hinton. After leaving Hinton Post Office at 8.30pm the driver moved the coach over to allow an oncoming buggy to pass. A wheel [...]

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Stuart Park

In January 1890, a meeting was held by the Hinton Progress Committee regarding a public recreation ground. A letter was sent to the District Surveyor asking him to come to Hinton and meet the Committee. When he arrived, they proceeded to Mt Pleasant to an area known as Stubbs Hill. After inspection the surveyor said [...]

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Telegraph Office

In early 1883, steps were taken to establish a telegraph office in Hinton. A petition was sent to the postmaster general in March. After receiving an unfavourable answer, another letter was sent asking to reconsider. The Postmaster General’s answer was that to construct a line from Morpeth to Hinton, including a cable across the river, [...]

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The Victoria Hotel we know today narrowly escaped total destruction by fire on 9 September, 1874 and owes its salvation to a young girl named “Ellen Ford”, who was engaged at the hotel as a domestic servant. The building had an attic above the two stories and the roof was slate. An old man was [...]

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There was a skating craze amongst the younger members of the community in the late 1880’s. Mr William Yates built a skating rink on his land on Punt Road. The opening was in July 1889. Skating started at seven thirty in the evening with forty couples skating until eleven o’clock, stopping for supper, then dancing [...]

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Flour Mill

During 1850, Charles Lawn, a farm machinery maker, built a Steam Flour Mill on the river bank between where the wharf and the bridge is now. A lot of wheat was grown up and down the rivers between 1850 and 1870. There were four other mills on the rivers in the area at Wallalong, Osterley, [...]

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